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years old tomorrow, and i know right well that they could save her. >> bill: a race to save four american students trapped in a haitian hotel. herald is on the scene. we will have the latest. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they are frustrated. >> bill: will the obama administration change course and become more accessible to the folks? chris wallace will make a prediction. >> do you regret not talking more about sex with bristol? >> body language takes a look at some intense moments featuring oprah, sarah palin, and her daughter bristol. >> what did you do to your hair? do you like it? i tried to look like you. >> bill: also tonight, glenn beck on his one year anniversary of fox news. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the collapse of the far left media. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the radical radio network air america has announced it is all over. they are out of business. no surprise, since that operation was never successful. here is a surprise. last tuesday, when the massachusetts votes were being counted, fox news had almost 6 times as many viewers as msnbc in prime time, 5 times the audience of cnn. that's not a victory. that's a massacre. sean hannity, greta, and myself totally wiped out our cable news competition on perhaps the most important news day of the year. to have perspective the factor at 8 on tuesday night beat all of abc' prime time programming that evening. now, most of the liberal media ignored that story and will not tell you how dominant fox news has become. that's why many newspapers are failing. they as isimply don't tell you e
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truth. writings in the miami geraldo tv critic glenn garr vin did tell the truth quote: >> bill: talking points believes it's important that you, the concerned american citizen, understand exactly what's going on here. take a look at this graph put out by johnny dollar on the net it shows the percentage of time each network covered election night speeches of brown and coakley. you will see that fox news covered everything, both candidates. but not msnbc and cnn. they covered coakley far more than the victor brown. two things are clear. first, the u.s.a. is moving to
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the right very quickly and, second, that fox news is an honest enterprise. we gave ms. coakley the same amount of time we gave mr. brown even though she lost. americans have generally wised up about the media. you know when you are being conned. the attacks on fox news by the left have failed. we are now dominating prime time tv news coverage in this country. we are dominating. it's not about ideology. it's about fairness. to be fair, cnn has covered the haiti story very well. there is no question about it. i applaud the cnn corresponds who have done such a good job. but our fox news correspondents are just as good. and our political coverage is much more balanced than our competition. we like hearing differing opinions. it's more beneficial to you to hear all points of view. after this week, there is no doubt that the united states of america fox news is the go-to network for important information and honest analysis. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, let's bring in congressman dennis kucinich to talk about america's move to the right. he joins us from washington.
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are you sad, shocked, appalled about this week that radical turn in the country to the right? you are seeing how the left-wing media is getting hammered and you are seeing health care go down, cap and trade go down. how are you feeling tonight, congressman? >> you have to remember i didn't vote for the health care bill. and i didn't vote for the cap and trade bill, and i'm hardly a screaming right winger. i think that americans wanted the country to start to focus on jobs and make sure that people can stay in their homes. they are concerned about the economics. they are concerned about the separation between a finance economy and wall street and what people have to live with in their neighborhoods. you know, you can interpret the election in massachusetts many different ways. but the thing i wouldn't interpret it as a victory for the right or loss for the left. massachusetts was stating they're dissatisfied with washington. >> bill: i think you are missing something. all right, so you are a liberal guy. >> go ahead. >> bill: you are proud of it and
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you espouse liberal traditions and i respect you for doing that i have no beef with that at all. you are very consistent man. but you have to realize that in this country right now liberal positions are getting murdered. they are getting hammered on every front. you have got to know that. >> well, bill, they are getting misrepresented. let me give you an example. the health care bill, which really was a give away to the insurance company. that wasn't a liberal bill. the cap and trade bill was a give away to coal and energy interests. that wasn't a liberal bill. our banking policies, which accelerated wealth to the top and the bailout, that wasn't a liberal bail. liberals want to help people. they want to lift people up. they want to give people opportunities. you know, that's what we stand for. so i haven't seen any bills like that that i have been able to vote for. >> bill: okay. but surely you understand, congressman, that the expansion of government that would allow the health care obama care bill
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to become law, that would allow the intrusion of government in private enterprise on cap and trade, the expansion of the big federal apparatus is number one liberal tenet. that's what liberals want. you are right in the sense that it didn't come out as left wing as you wanted it to come out in health care, but the expansion of government is a liberal tenet and the folks are saying no, no, no, no, no. >> bill, you know, bill, what's war is that left or right? because that expands government? war accelerates the wealth. >> bill: how does it. >> war is situation. >> bill: no it's not. >> especially a war based on lies. i respect you. but when you start to go left-right on this stuff, have you got to be consistent about this. i'm consistent. >> bill: you can't be standing there in the capitol today telling me that you believe that the left hasn't taken a terrible beating this week? you can't be saying that. they have taken an enormous beating.
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look at the left-wing media. they are dying all over the place. how do you explain that? >> if you believe that, if you believe that, you should be at the front of the morning line because that's going to bring about a resurgence of call for a fairness doctrine. you can't believe that. >> bill: i can't believe that. fairness doctrine not going to happen. >> you want fair and balanced news, we all do, don't we? >> bill: how do you explain the collapse of the left wing media if the country is not moving to the right? these people are desperate now, the left wing media. they are desperate. how do you explain it? >> you know, first of all, bill, i think that, you know, fox and its success, fine, but you don't have to be defensive about it. >> bill: i'm not defensive. i'm celebratory. i'm telling you we are beating them so badly it almost makes me feel bad, that's how badly we are beating them. >> but you know what? there is another way to do it. that is if you are really being successful, you don't have to -- you don't have to degrade the other people. >> bill: i'm not degrading them.
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i'm giving you the facts and i'm asking you a simple question. if the country is not moving to the right, why are all these left-wing media going down the drain? it's a simple question. >> you know what? if you are just talking about air america. >> bill: i'm talking about the whole gamut of it. the "new york times," nbc news, air america, it's all going down the chute there, congressman. >> we needy verse city of expression in a democratic society. and fox's success is good for fox but if it's going to be good for america we also have to see opportunities in our society for diversity of opinion. >> bill: all right. that's fine. we have that on fox. we have -- you know, look, better than anybody else in the country, you know how much diversity of opinion we have on fox because you are on it all the time. >> i'm here. i'm not arguing with that obviously here i am. you know what? be careful, bill, about crowing about your success right now because people are going to start calling for the fairness doctrine to come back and feel that their point of view isn't
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adequately being represented. >> bill: if they do that, then they are going to have to deal with me congressman. i don't think anybody wants that. >> bill, we need to spend more time. >> bill: all right, congressman. thanks for the spirited debate. we appreciate it next on the rundown, will president obama imhimself move to the right? chris wallace on that question. and later, big body language segment tonight. sarah palin, her daughter bristol, and oprah. there were some interesting moments upcoming. [ male announcer ] when you look closely
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it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages... so you breathe even better. and now get two free samples... and experience a better night's sleep for yourself. go to to try new breathe right extra. >> bill: impact segment tonight, as we have demonstrated this week the country, i believe, is moving to the right. no way this time last year any republican would have been elected to the senate in massachusetts. joining us now from washington, the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace who has some thoughts on the matter. you disagree with me. you don't think the country -- you are like congressman can a sunni niche you don't think it's going to the right. >> i come to the same conclusion. let me make my point quickly.
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i don't think the country has moved to the right. i think it was a center-right country 15 months ago when obama was elected. i think it's a center-right country now. remember, obama did not campaign as a liberal. he campaigned on tax cuts for everybody making less than $250,000, not tax increases. he talked about controlling spending. he was going to go through the budget line by line. he talked about escalating the war as in fact he did in afghanistan. i think that what happened that when he came in, instead of governing, as the centrist he portrayed himself as, he gomped as a liberal. that's where i disagree with kucinich. he has been discredited and his agenda has been discredited because it just is, one, it hasn't worked and, two, it isn't what the country thought it was getting when it elected him in november of 2008. so i certainly agree with you liberals are in trouble. but i don't think that, in fact, the country has moved to the right. i think it was an obama moved to the left and the country was not happy with that. >> bill: okay. here is where i disagree. i think that most voters knew
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who barack obama was. because it was widely reported that he had very far friends. his voting record was very far left. his whole history as a community organizer in chicago, all of his base was left. they -- you saw the media prop him up, the further left, the more they were propping. so i disagree with you. i don't think that many people thought he was a moderate. i think they voted for him because they were so mad at the republicans for the recession and other things. >> that's where i agree with you. i think that, more than anything, it was. >> bill: it was like we have got to throw these rascals out and give this guy a chance. >> it was a rejection of george w. bush and when you had the financial meltdown in september and october of 2008. there is no way he was going to win. >> bill: i don't think that anybody thought that barack obama was a moderate. everybody knew he was a liberal. i also think for the first six months of his term that non-ideological people. not conservatives,
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non-ideological independents gave him a chance. they gave him a chance. they listened to the health care proposals. they listened to the global warming stuff. they listened to what he was putting out there. and they said, you know what? this is crazy. i don't understand a word he is saying. and the economy is not improving. >> he did too much. >> bill: go ahead. >> he spent too much. he built too much government programs. and he did it all too fast. i mean, it was -- you know, there was just 1 trillion-dollar bill after another. i don't think people expected that. but we're in agreement that whether they expected it or not they didn't buy it. the governors of virginia and new jersey and they didn't buy it on tuesday in massachusetts. >> bill: we remain in disagreement because i definitely think the country is moving to the right. i definitely think that many independents said i'm going to give these left-wing guys a chance. i'm going to look at it and see what they do. it was, as you put it, so bad, particularly with the deficit running up all of this spending
8:15 pm
stuff, that they said, you know what? i'm going back to my traditional right beliefs. that's where i'm going. because, if it wasn't, you have seen the ratings this week, right? >> yes. sure. we see them every day. >> bill: right. this isn't a victory for fox news. it's not a victory anymore. this is custer's last stand for msnbc and cnn. they only have maybe four soldiers still standing there. that's what a massacre this is. and it's never happened before. we have been on the air 13 years here. and now when a big, big news story breaks like the vote in massachusetts, they all come here, liberals, conservatives, independents, everybody. so it can't be that the country is not moving to the right because this is a conservative -- not a conservative network, but we give voice to conservatives, which the others don't. the others don't at all. >> i would only put one caveat on that, bill. that is, look, if you knew what was going to happen on tuesday
8:16 pm
night and you are the kind of person that listens to msnbc and what they have on at :00 at night and 9:00 at night, you know it's going to be a bad night. maybe you just turn off the tv. >> bill: they don't ever have a good night, chris. cnn and msnbc. >> they have better nights. certainly cnn had some better nights in 2008 when things were going better for the democrats. they knew they were going to take a walloping on tuesday night and they did. >> bill: in the last two months those networks have never had a good night. not one time have they had a good night. i'm telling you, i can feel it. can i feel this country going to the right because they gave the left a chance and the left booted it. wouldn't you agree the left booted it? >> well, yeah. that really gets to the key point. i mean, here is where i will agree with you. people, i think, were concerned when obama came in and proposed 787 billion-dollar stimulus package. i think what really has been the difference is the fact that it hasn't worked. that we spent all this money and, you know, the white house said we were not going to get
8:17 pm
above 8% unemployment. these billions and billions of dollars have gone out. we have seen it go to zip codes that don't exist and to programs in counties that don't exist. and we have got 10% unemployment and another 3 million people out of work. so, you know, you can be a liberal or conservative and you have to say the solution, the medicine is not fixing the problem. >> bill: so far, not working. chris, thanks very much. we appreciate it directly ahead, we promised the parents of missing students in haiti we would clarify their status. geraldo is standing by at the collapsed hotel where they were. later, glenn beck on his one year anniversary as a fox news commentator. we will be right back. this is not pay the hospital insurance. this is not pay the doctor insurance. this is not major medical insurance.
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, earlier this week we interviewed two parents whose daughters are missing in haiti. they are students. they were staying at the hotel montana which collapsed during the earthquake. >> it's just not the six students and faculty from lynn university. there are maybe 100 americans at that hotel. we're parents. my daughter is going to be 20 years old tomorrow, and i know right well that they could save her. they need to get in there. >> bill: they are now.
8:21 pm
>> bill: all right, joining us from the hotel montana or what's left of it fox news anchor geraldo rivera. tell us about what you found out today. >> you know, bill, this is a very melancholy place. multi story hotel that so many other buildings in this town collapsed upon itself. as we have been here for the last hours, we watched members of the fairfax urban search and rescue team tunnelling into that mound of debris. they did find some voids. they have reached the lobby. just today reached the lobby of the building. they pulled, we think, two bodies out. one for sure a canadian man and there was a second body bag called for. so we expect that there will be now, i think, more and more of the victims of this collapse. but it is almost beyond comprehension, as much as i would like to give good news to
8:22 pm
that poor dad, it is beyond comprehension that anyone would still be alive in that mound of debris ten days later. we smell that smell that has become so terribly familiar, covering the situation here in port-au-prince. we see the list of the victims, that they have posted out front. the list of those still considered missing but intombed. and i have to tell you, buddy, i think that they are and that more bodies will be taken out. they are going to quit in about a half an hour. they will be here at first light tomorrow to continue. they finally got a trackhoe here and one of those cement breakers. but i don't think the news will be good, although it might give some solace or will give some solace to the families of those who died here, bill. >> bill: they were upset that the american authorities didn't get to the hotel sooner. we know logistically it's a
8:23 pm
nightmare in haiti. can you tell us anything about the speed of the rescue? >> well, they got here to the hotel montana, those fellows from fairfax county 48 hours after the quake. that is a week yesterday. they got here pretty quickly. they were mobilized pretty quickly. they h however, no heavy equipment. they had more importantly, because this country has been deforested, they had no lumber. none of the six by sixes that they use classic live to shore up concrete structures that have collapsed so it's safe for the rescue workers to go in there. they got here quickly. they didn't have heavy equipment. the hotel montana sits on a hill. this is the best hotel in town -- it was. angelina jolie stayed here, matt damon stayed here why cliff john stayed here. former president clinton stayed here. that poor dad, his daughter was
8:24 pm
in the best place in town, but, like so many of these other structures, it's still out of this cheap cement that is very poorly reinforced. a 7 imagine magnitude quake on top of the hill overlooking port-au-prince. they didn't have a chance. they did pull, you know, some living -- it's been a while and they haven't had -- and they also pulled a 69-year-old woman out alive from down in the valley although she is not expected to survive but really it's been too long and too terrible, bill. >> bill: all right. now, last question for you. you have been in and out of haiti. is there any improvements there? anything that you have seen that gives you any hope? >> well, i was on board the u.s. naval ship comfort today. the thousand patient magnificent floating hospital that came down from baltimore, maryland. they already have 200 home
8:25 pm
invasions there. we also went along with some of the naval choppers that rescued injured children whose broken bones had not yet been set. they were being cared for by the flying doctors of america. so from the mel medical point of view, i think there is some hope. the aid, however, is still trickling in. tomorrow we can report that south com general keen is launching the big push, they are calling it they are going to get that aid out of the airport, they say. they will get it to the areas that have not yet had food because, really, when you consider what this place is like, in the best of times, with the corruption, the chaos, the anarchy, i think port-au-prince, particularly, is one bad rainstorm away from becoming darfur or the worst of somalia. this, right now, i think, is indeed, bill, hell on earth. >> bill: geraldo, thanks very much. we appreciate it glenn beck on his first year at fox news. he has made quite an impact, as
8:26 pm
you know. but, next, big body language segment tonight starring sarah palin, her daughter bristol, and oprah. it happened just hours ago. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ( sneeze ) transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% - much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should
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to its voluminous storage compartments. make it the hero to any family. ew! ew! [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] the volkswagen routan with 0% apr and 3 years or 36,000 miles of care free maintenance. >> bill: body language segment tonight, earlier today new fox news analyst sarah palin and bristol and oprah sat down to hash things out.
8:29 pm
>> do you ever wish you could be with your friends at college? >> there are times, yeah. but i have been a beautiful baby boy and he is awesome. >> do you regret not talking more about sex with bristol? do you feel disappointed that she can't be out with her friends, living the life that she could be living now? >> oh, all those things, oprah, yes. such lessons that our family has learned. yes, i wish that we would have had more candid talks about having unprotected sex, about having sex before marriage. my assumption, probably like so many other mothers across america, assuming that oh, maybe everybody else is doing it but not my kidwell, surprise. >> bill: here now, body language maven tonya reiman. let's take bristol palin first. what did you see? what did you pick up. >> she is sitting there neither of them -- they don't move their hands at all. when i see that tight hands together like that, you know, when you don't use gestures, it
8:30 pm
stifles your verbals because talking with the hands is natural. so, the fact that they didn't use a lot of gestures makes them look unnatural. but, in addition to that when oprah starts talking about sex, i see bristol take a deep breath in. obviously this is a hot button item for her. >> bill: all right. then her mother answers fairly honestly. was she comfortable giving the answer? >> you know, there was an interesting piece, again, going back to when oprah brings up the sex question, sarah palin looks at her daughter and you can see, you will see in a moment there some sadness had her mouth. her mouth kind of goes downward. you see there is regret, remorse, she recognizes when she says, you know, maybe i should have had that more of an open idea what my daughter was doing. she recognizes that there is something serious and she can't go back now but, there is regret there in her mouth. >> bill: when sarah palin, when bristol palin is listening to her mother looks very sad, doesn't she. >> in fact she doesn't look at her mom.
8:31 pm
look of a their hands. their hands are closed which gives me an indication that they have a good relationship. >> bill: so this is kind of a conversation would not be easy for anyone. >> no, of course not. >> bill: i picked up sadness? >> on both sides, yes. >> bill: on both sides. talking about sadness is a good segway. president obama has had a tough week. he goes to massachusetts. he campaigns for martha coakley. coakley loses huge. and he knows, the president knows things are not going well for him. roll the tape. >> you know, there are times when progress seems too slow. there are times when the words that are spoken about me hurt. there are times when the barbs sting. there are times when it feels like all these efforts are for not. >> bill: all right. what did you pick up? >> sadness is definitely what we saw here. the try try an do youmuscle youe
8:32 pm
the wrinkle around the outer mouth area. that's an indication of sadness. that's how he does. this the head is held high. he tries to keep that up position. but, everything else is kind of falling down. his face just looks down. the entire face from the eyes to the mouth. >> bill: i have noticed a couple of things about barack obama when things aren't going well for him. in the past, he was more defiant, you know, things aren't going well but i'm going to tough it out. i'm going to fight it out. and they may not be going well but it's not my fault they are going well it's somebody else e. else's fault. here is almost resigned. >> i agree. couple of things you don't hear it in his voice. you don't hear it in his voice anymore. >> bill: this is a martin luther king address it was somer. >> the palms here he recognizes that there is this ongoing
8:33 pm
fight. >> bill: is he looking for sympathy here? do you think. >> no. i don't think is he looking for sympathy. he genuinely feels down about. this and the emotions start to come through with the downward eye gaze and the way he postures his body and the fists going towards one another. those are all indications. >> bill: all right. now, somebody else who can't be too happy is martha coakley who was defeated by scott brown in masses. she is talking about barack obama in her concession speech. roll it. >> of course i know you'll join me in thanking president obama, who took this little trip to see us here on sunday. he, um, actually just called me and, before i came on stage, to say that we can't win them all, and he knows that better than any, as he told me, but he appreciates what i did and what you did and he said to extend his heart felt thanks to everybody who had worked on the campaign. >> bill: what was the hair behind the ear deal.
8:34 pm
>> we talked about this distraction thing. it kind of takes away from what you are discussing so it doesn't feel as painful. it's like a psychological tactic so you don't feel as pained while you are saying what you don't want to say. >> bill: is there anything else? we only have 20 seconds. that you picked up from that. >> she said um six times which is a big lack of security. i noticed her voice gets very meek at the end which when she is talking about her conversation with obama. >> bill: what does that mean. >> that she is down and out. that was obvious that you see it now. >> bill: that probably would have been throughout the whole speech. >> can we have a happier one next time, please. >> bill: happier segment for tonya. we will work on it when we come back, glenn beck, most important things he has accomplished his first year at fox news. then, the dumbest thing of the week say john edwards coming up. ( inspiring music playing )
8:35 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. at your beck and call tonight glen special on ideological villains it's getting a lot of reaction. one year anniversary as a fox news commentator. that's where we begin. all right, so here is beck and he has been on the air for one year at the fox news channel. it's amazing that you haven't been fired yet. >> it really is. it really is. >> bill: a couple of close calls. i saved you a couple of times. >> really? >> bill: only two? >> beck goes, i go. >> bill: not really. but it sounds good. >> right, right.
8:38 pm
>> bill: three things this past year that you think that your program has done that's made a difference. >> i mean, i pulled your show out of the ratings -- >> bill: you saved my career no doubt about it even though i'm on at 8:00 and you are at 5:00. >> if i can help you that early in the afternoon, i will do that for you bill. three best things, i don't know if they are the best things. the things that i think are the most memorable or amazing to me is in marshy said send us pictures of you. if you are a viewer send me a picture. >> bill: okay. >> we made it into a mosaic which we unveiled as the 9/12. this big picture made out of posters. the reason i did it is because i wanted people to realize they are not alone. march of last year i had to convince people you are not alone, stand out. stand together. and now look at it. >> bill: so you think that movement has coalesced and built
8:39 pm
so that people say look, i'm going to get a little more actively involved. >> i don't want to be -- i don't want to take credit for, you know, the movement that's happening. >> bill: you are a populous though. you are one of the major populous in this country. you were on the cover of "time" magazine. >> i don't think i'm a populous as much as i have wanted -- i have been saying the same things. they just now happen to be popular. >> bill: it's not about popular. it's populous. you talk right to the folks. you are not associated with any political party. >> this is what is going to happen. we are going on tour. he is going to talk down to me. >> bill: i'm not going to talk down to you. you need to know that i'm harvard-educated and you went to the school of hard knocks. >> so is the president. >> bill: i know. so okay. so, the first one is the movement that you are not alone if you are mad, satisfied. get involved. >> right. >> bill: second one. >> second one would be what we did tonight on the special. we did our first documentary, revolutionary holy cost live
8:40 pm
o. holocaust live free or die. >> bill: you took out folks and said, look, these are not just guys that names are on t-shirts. these are bad guys. >> beyond bad guys. >> bill: how does that link into my life? >> what it is, it's interesting to me that we know everything there is to know about hitler but we don't know -- some of the stuff we show it on the tv tonight, some the pictures have never been seen before. some of them we had a fabian socialist george bernard shaw, tell me mr. harvard education how much does the left love george bernard shaw. he said we need to -- i asked scientists to come up with a humane gas because some people just aren't worth keeping around. >> bill: sure. let's get rid of the inferior. >> it's this progressive movement. >> bill: do you think it's possible in america that this kind of f.a.a. -- fascism could happen here? >> the roots of progressiveness.
8:41 pm
they charted to change history in the turn of the last ison tri they changed history. they turned our founding fathers into racist bigots, everything else. they took them out of con context of the time. and then we haven't -- we used to discuss the constitution. we don't even read the constitution anymore. >> bill: okay. so the special today on the radios of progressivism and what's happened in the past on it, all right. and the third moment on the show? >> i don't think can i come up with three. i think i only did like 200 shows. how much do you want from me? >> bill: how about the guy that you got fired from the obama administration. >> i didn't want him fired. you are talking about van jones? >> bill: yeah. >> i didn't want him fired. >> bill: you just wanted to point out who he was? >> i wanted the president -- look, defend it. come out and say, yes. he is a radical communist, his words. he is a 9/11 truther. he is a guy -- i wanted two things. first of all, do you agree or disagree with him on those issues? they knew who he was, valerie
8:42 pm
jarrett. >> bill: do you think obama knew. >> valerie jarrett did, absolutely did. if they didn't know, bill, that is the second question. how did he get into the white house? how did he get that close to the president of the united states? who is doing the vetting? >> bill: he was in charge of environmental green jobs. >> i told you, that wasn't a big position. so maybe they just liked his tie. >> they are still carrying out his plans. >> bill: so congratulations on a year. very high ratings. >> thank you. >> bill: been very, very successful here at fnc. your critics, that drives them crazy. the more successful you get the more they hate you. >> it sounds like i'm sucking up and i am, but you have been a big part of my ratings success. >> bill: i don'ti don't think s. i helped you out in the beginning by saying you weren't a total loon. >> wait. >> bill: good about you. >> what happened here? see what happens? see what happens? you know what? i read in a gossip column that i
8:43 pm
am gunning for the 8:00, and i wasn't even thinking about it. now i'm taking you out. you are gone. within a month, you are out bill o'reilly. >> bill: you know you will be up against "american idol." >> let me take -- >> bill: easier at 5:00 when you are up against. >> sponge bob and nickelodeon. you haven't competed against that damn sponge. is he a nightmare. >> bill: pasadena just about sold out. >> just about sold out? >> bill: two shows gone in a whisper. the movie theaters -- >> let me just, may i? >> bill: yes. >> america, haven't you always wanted to see bill o'reilly as a 20-foot head in high definition? no. they are screaming no. you can hear them now. no. >> you will beg for his 20-foot head when you see my 20-foot head next to it. >> bill: the highlight of the movie expedition on july 20th you will be monster and i will
8:44 pm
be godzilla. i love those movies. >> it will be great. >> bill: when i was 8 and saw that with my father how's come he is talking and his lips are moving 15 seconds later? how did that happen? >> no spin zone, he wasn't 8. he was like 48. >> bill: yeah. all right. glenn beck january 30th will be in 500 movie theaters. >> find all the information -- >> bill: bold fresh congratulations again on a year. dumbest things of the week. no shortage tonight. john edwards and the president enters the zone. right back with it. 
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week, no shortage this evening. with us "fox & friends" weekend co-anchor allen camerota and red eye guy greg gutfeld who has selected former vice presidential candidate john edwards. >> a report has been published that the baby of miss hunter is your baby. true? >> not true.
8:48 pm
not true. the supermarket tabloid. no, that is absolutely not true. >> you have taken a paternity test? >> i have not. i would welcome participating in a paternity test. be happy to participate in one. i know that it's not possible that this child could be mine. [ laughter ] >> bill: is it over? come on, gutfeld. he is too easy a target. >> i would say he is too easy a target. except he painted that target on himself. he brought it all on. this is a guy who is trying to steal a baby's diaper in order to get d.n.a.. he literally traffics in filth. >> bill: for people who don't know if you just flew back from argentina or some place, he now admits that he is the father of the baby. you know, it's dumb, what he did is dumb. no doubt about it how he think he could get away with it, high profile guy like this. >> he thinks he can get away with it, he feels as long as he
8:49 pm
acts compassionate he can get away with whatever he wants. >> bill: i thought he was a bad guy from the jump and hit him on political stuff, but i stayed away from this stuff. you know, it's queazy. makes me queazy to report it. >> it's not just dumb. it's disgraceful. disavowed his own daughter for two years publicly. >> bill: it was dumb. much lighter thing for miss alisyn. dilly the deer, roll the tape. >> she is dearly beloved. >> so well adjusted. she knows no other life. >> and constantly off and onned over. >> we are talking about you dilly. >> i know i'm a star. >> to most dilly is a deer. to this family she is part of the family. she is camera shy but she flips light switches with her feet and turns on the faucet. >> she has taught herself to go up and down the stairs and go up in bed. when she is outside she follows steve around. she knows her name. >> of course, dilly eats like a queen. mostly salad but she really
8:50 pm
likes ice cream. if you bring her roses, don't be offended when she eats them. >> bill: dilly lives in the house, ms. cam rat to. >> she has for the past five years. haven't we all lived that when you live with a domesticated wild animal it could be adorable like dilly but one day it wakes up and eats you. >> bill: lima disease alert, everyone. why would you want to have a deer in your house, why? >> the family has had it for five years. >> bill: why can't you have it in the backyard? >> then it couldn't eat the lynn liguini. >> it is on the bed. there is something weird going on in this family. something so dark going on there. >> bill: gutfeld thinks there is something weird about this. >> i thought i was the only one who turned off the light switch with his teeth. >> no, the deer does. differently -- dilly does, also.
8:51 pm
>> bill: we don't recommend this to anyone. you can take the linguini out to the deer. my dumbest thing of the week is president obama saying something incredibly dumb. every time i tell you he is a smart guy i get nasty mail. he is. he is very intelligent. this was startlingly dumb. go. >> i have heard about some of the ads that martha's opponent is running. he is driving his truck around the commonwealth. [ laughter ] and he says that he will, you know, he gets you. that he fights for you. i don't know his record, but -- i don't know whether he has been fighting for you up until now. so i would think long and hard about getting into that truck with martha's opponent. it might not take you where you want to go. >> bill: number one, never make fun of trucks in america.
8:52 pm
never. number two, if you don't know much about his record, what are you doing there? okay. don't go up and get into the campaign and then say well, i really don't know about his record. he might be brilliant. that was -- >> the criticism that he was giving to this guy was the same exact criticism that was leveled at obama. nobody knew his record. sounded like a punch line to a joke and the joke hadn't been written yet. >> bill: but do you both understand the sanctity of trucks in america? do you both know that? >> yes. >> bill: because i know neither of you drive. >> under a few trucks. bill. >> the president said forget the truck anybody can buy a truck. which is not actually true right now. >> bill: only special people can buy trucks. obama doesn't get the truck thing. >> right. >> bill: you must get the truck thing. that lost the election for coakley right there. >> if he had a truck, he could
8:53 pm
have helped van jones move. >> bill: if i were barack obama i would have driven into the rally in a truck. okay. the dumbest thing of the week, everybody, there they are. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starting -- starring clooney, pitt and prince. they are all dating each other. that's a joke. p and p is next. so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack. i watched what i ate. i worked out. personally, i thought i was invincible.
8:54 pm
once it happened, i realized it's a different story. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i was the guy who was doing everythg right. i was wrong. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. [ male announcer ] learn more about protecting your heart at
8:55 pm
bill: time for pin head and patriots. there's a telethon to raise money for the haitian people that's a good thing. they will each donate one million dollars to the cause. very generous so these guys are patriots. on the pinhead front who knew prince is a big minnesota vikings' fan. ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ bill: that is awful. depending on who you are rooting for prince is either a pinhead or a patriot but the song again, is awful. i'm a jets' fan but i admire peyton manning's skill. >> only a few seats left for the bold fresh tour so act now if you want to see us. as you may know all the money i get from bill o' is donated to help others: as president and founder of operation shoe box thank you for doing so much to help our troops every care package we send reminds them of our support. mary you are doing good work. check out
8:57 pm
thank you for the latest generation. god bless you. thank you. info is on bill o' any you send gets directly to the folks i've checked it out myself. peter: bill the reason the far left has lost it over brown's election is they have more in ed in government the right does not expect much from government so a loss doesn't have the same impact. left wingers see themselves as smarter than anyone else. they can't stand to be wrong. tommy: i have more respect for president obama since he said he would not push health care in congress until scott brown was seated. laura: we need president obama to listen to us, not talk to us.
8:58 pm
major richard senter: you have been fair to the president he would have a lot to gain by talking to you. i a nice note from the president today. we hope we can make this happen that he will come back on the factor soon. george: mr. o, i won the heavyweight kick boxing title last year and i gladly offer my services to train sarah palin any time she wants. george is known as the iron lion down under and the governor does some kick boxing in her spare time. i'm the principal at a private school and interviewed a 7th grader for admission. we was carrying bold fresh, i accepted him. keep an eye on that lad. i'm at the website. the factor website on the fox news band.
8:59 pm
both websites are worth exploring. e-mail us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. o' name a town if you wish to opine. if you know this next word you are brilliant. i did not know this word. when writing to the factor no nimiety. i didn't know it but we can't have it when writing to the factor. if you know that i'm impressed. skip, nice shirt, give those guys a little publicity. the factor continues 24/ i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we definitely look out for you. >> sean: democrats across the country ar

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